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Welcome to all at St. Patrick's Church in Seneca. Our community is pleased to count you among its members. If you wish to Join Us, please click the link above, complete the "New Parishioner" form, and drop in the collection basket at either of our weekend masses. If you want ot submit your form online, please click Join Us Now.   

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Monthly Insert

April 2024 Monthly Insert

This page is for information related to CCD at St. Patrick's Church in Seneca.


Registration Form for CCD classes this year (2023-2024) can be found here online and on the tables at the back of church.  The SCHEDULE IS IN!!!!  Please Click the link below and you can also find on the tables at the back of church.


You will find the NEW UPDATED 2023-2024 CCD Schedule here:  New Updated CCD Schedule for 2023/2034

You will find the 2023-2024 CCD Schedule here:  2023-2024 CCD Schedule

You will find the 2023-2024 Registration Form here:  2023-2024 CCD Registration Form

CCD Policies & Procedures 2023-2024 Handbook:  Policies and Procedures Handbook





COVID - 19 Religious Education Waiver:  COVID 19 Religious Education Waiver 

Important Information as of 2/8/2022:

Please be advised that the Catholic Diocese of Peoria has instituted a masks optional decision as of February 8, 2022.
Our Catholic schools and CCD Programs are not required nor will they be responsible for monitoring whether or not a student is wearing a mask, or if they are not wearing a mask. We leave that decision and instruction to the parents/guardians.
Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.


Message from CCD Coordinator:  Mrs. Jennifer Doloski

On 7/22/21, based on guidance available at that time, the Diocese of Peoria announced an optional masking policy for the schools (and CCD programs) of the Diocese. We announced the same for the upcoming start of CCD.

However, following the Governor's announced mask mandate for all public schools, Bishop Jenky announced that all schools (and CCD programs) of the Diocese would also follow this mandate.

This means that when CCD classes begin in September, all students and CCD teachers must wear a facemask (covering mouth and nose) while in the Parish Center or church during class time. If the weather permits, teachers may choose to take their classes outside for "mask breaks" or to conduct entire lessons.

Please understand that this is not debatable at the parish level. Neither Father Millar nor I can establish masking rules for St. Patrick's that are contrary to what the Bishop's office directs.